What is a 2 stage furnace?

Basically 2-stage furnaces have 2 levels of heating output i.e high for cold winter days and low for milder days, which meets about 80% of your heating needs.

Two stage units run longer periods of time to provide even more heating and The unit automatically switches itself between these heating stages. Temperature regulation can be more presided, based on the settings of your smart thermostat.

Key Features About 2 stage furnace –

Consistent comfort –

2-stage heating eliminates the temperature swings associated with standard furnaces, regulating temperature to within as little as one degree of the thermostat setting.

Quiet operation –

2-stage furnaces start in the first stage, when heat requirement is lower, instead of reaching full capacity all at once. That means there’s no sudden “kick” or blast of air.

Improved air filtration –

Low-speed operation can allow your filters to capture more contaminants (because air is constantly passing through them), so you can breathe easier.

Efficient performance –

Because the 2 stage furnace operates mostly in its lower-capacity that is in the first stage, it burns less fuel than a standard furnace that always runs at full capacity and shuts off when the heating requirements has been met.

Cost Efficient –

Two stage gas furnaces deliver more consistent heat to your home. They are more responsive to weather fluctuations and temperature swings, compared to single stage furnaces. These high efficiency gas furnaces are not switching between on and off during operations, resulting in a less drastic temperature change in heat distribution.